It’s a boy – Angeline Schellenberg

It’s a boy

Complete this sentence: As long as it’s healthy…

By the time your startle reflex has kicked in
and he’s tested his grasp of your finger
(melting your belly from the outside)

you’ll have counted his toes one to ten, twice,
as if there’s something to do with missing toes
searched his frosted eyes, scried his tears

pressed his belly, the nurse for assurance
that unlike your brothers
he will someday write his name, hug you back

As you pour yourself into him at 3 am
stare out the glazed window,
rock rhythmically in the dark

(“It’s a boy” was published in CV2 Fall 2012)

Winnipeg journalist Angeline Schellenberg began publishing poetry in summer 2012, with pieces in Rhubarb, Geez, CV2, and forthcoming in The Beautiful Women Anthology and Prairie Fire. Méira Cook’s apprentice in the 2012 Manitoba Writers’ Guild mentorship program, Angeline received a MAC grant to write a poetry collection about autism.

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