Rain – Anna Yin


You don’t pray for rain in mountains.
It comes and goes as if to home —
                    sometimes wandering in clouds,
other times running into rising streams.
The soil is forever soft.
Leaves unfold to hold each drop.
At the end of each cycle,
you always hear it singing
all the way home —
kissing leaves,
tapping trees.
Some drops stay longer on tall branches.
All of a sudden, a wind blows;
they let go —
                                       a light shower
surprises you
sitting motionless under a phoenix tree.

Anna Yin was born in china and immigrated to Canada in 1999. She won the 2005 Ted Plantos Memorial Award, 2010 MARTY Award for her poetry. Her poems in English & Chinese and ten translations by her were in a Canadian Studies textbook used by Humber College. Anna has a coll ection of poetry “Wings Toward Sunlight” and three chapbooks. In early 2013, Mosaic Press will publish another collection of her poetry “Inhaling the Silence.” www.annapoetry.com.

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