Old Crow Sunset – Ann MacDonald


Verdant leaves that pepper a morning breeze, not a one
nor feathered rumps that perch on spindled clasps, plopping cares away
no jump on a morning warmed by vested melodic chirps
no hike and play unbarred by short windows of light
nor paddling into a night indisposed
to sit aside a fire to watch the dusk escort in the dawn
in a playful twilight interlude
when the summer sun pretends to hide
And fruit loops do not scatter at our feet, plentiful
in their promises to go, somewhere
amidst departing chortles of geese.
For this the eve of the winter solstice
when a reluctant yellow ball
neither here nor there, nor up nor down,
burning and bouncing and rolling atop blackened spikes of spruce,
a jagged bow saw,
that cuts the ruby shawl
left behind.

Ann MacDonald arrived in Yukon in 1983 as a geography student studying the Kaskawalsh Glacier in Kluane National Park.  Her work has focused on social justice issues of education, literacy, land use planning, housing, aging and First Nation issues.

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