ECO-BALANCE-BOOK IT! – Patricia Anne McGoldrick


Each week
I sort through the mail
with care.
So many papers–
white ones, green and orange, even brown ones too–
with ads on one side only,
these are like treasures for me to share!

Upcycle them, I will,
into small books—
homes for some poems,
maybe a recipe or two,
even a gift for that special someone in June.

When the day comes to book it,
I take out my file so full of papers
to make a new tome.
Then I choose, with care,
a blue or green sheet
to upcycle into a format so sweet.

I fold it in half vertically
And fold in half again.
Then I take one open end
To fold to the middle
Turn it over and do the same.

When I look at my book
Sitting there like a “W”
I press it together like an accordion.

Now I can add my words to this paper
transformed into a book.
Another upcycled project makes my day!

Patricia Anne McGoldrick is a Kitchener, Ontario Canada writer whose poetry and reviews have been published in the Christian Science Monitor, The WM Review Connection, and Poems have been published in anthologies: Animal Companions, Animal Doctors, Animal People; Beyond the Dark Room, an international collection of transformative poetry, with proceeds from book sales being given to Doctors Without Borders/MSF; Poetic Bloomings–the first year. Patricia is a member of The Ontario Poetry Society and the League of Canadian Poets.

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