staircase poem 30 – Joe Blades

staircase poem 30

imagine tim isaac with his
beard & a cello made
of clay & fired in his
raku pottery studio
on bay of fundy shore
tim playing like a sweet fiend
blues on his raku cello
consider this poem a challenge

consider this poem a wake-up call
a rallying point in ongoing
mis/re/education of poet
& reader–coauthor alike
writing friends & observed people
into poems then hearing response
from them making more poems
by me & inspiring others to write

listen up folks: poems are wanted
not just at the periphery of your
vision elusive as rare birds
winter storms travel north
out of their element into yours
hopefully not plato’s republic
poems live in our hearts minds
& whole bodies—all together

Joe Blades—artist, writer, producer–host of Ashes, Paper, & Beans (CHSR), publisher of Broken Jaw Press, and a Past President of the League of Canadian Poets—is the editor of ten collections, and the author of seven books, including Prison Songs and Storefront Poetry, and Casemate Poems (Collected).

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1 Response to staircase poem 30 – Joe Blades

  1. “poems live in our hearts minds
    & whole bodies—all together”
    These lines sum up poetry–all year long!

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