Blueprint in the Stars – Al Rempel

Blueprint in the Stars

the buildings rise tall among the stars
as though the night-sky has left a place for them
in advance, and the deciduous trees,
axiomatic in their casual symmetry, leaves winterfled —
‘all done and gone’, as a man with a simple guitar
might sing; you can almost see him there,
with his rumbling belly and broken E-string
tucked in his pocket, the naked branches
above his hatted head — and think they too
might be growing up into a blueprint
the galaxies have picked out, bridging back
to the beginning of time — and if you could see
into his eye, its flash, right at that moment,
among the scintillations of new leaf
and endless refraction on the waters,
chrome, and windows, and the spastic prisms
that we are, never letting in
the same light —
you might start to hum his little tune, from the gut,
piping past swallow and gulp — thinking the universe
is everything you can know, and not know
and want — looking up at the spaces between
the stars, o those stars! unable to stop
from averting your eyes as they threaten
to topple you, yet braced — a collapsible scaffolding
you trace with your finger

Al Rempel’s latest book of poetry is called This Isn’t the Apocalypse We Hoped For.  His previous books include understories and The Picket Fence Diaries. His poems have appeared in The Malahat Review, CV2, Event, and  The Best Canadian Poetry in English (2011). More information can be found at

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