Four tanka on writing – Naomi Beth Wakan

Four tanka on writing

is full of surprises…
some passages
seem the finest ever written,
others turn to dust when read

make lists, ordering
the world…
things of beauty, things of decay
things that remind us all passes

my small voice
struggles its way
onto the page
hard to hear it when each moment
trawls with it past memories

safe houses
are needed in this world
guarded places –
caves, berry patches
and the shieldings of small poems

Naomi Beth Wakan, poet and essayist, will be offering a speed session on how to write haiku, probably the most difficult form of poetry to write.  She hopes you will all be inspired to produce at least one good haiku and to gain some insight into what this being- in-the-moment, one-breath poetry is all about.  For 11 years now, Naomi has held annual gatherings on Gabriola, to which some of the best North American haiku writers have come, and so, although she may not be one herself, she knows where the gold is. Place: the Old Crow Restaurant, Gabriola. Time: April 18th 7 pm. Contact:

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