Handwork Accompaniment – Heather Cadsby

Handwork Accompaniment

Those who push plastic tabs into sockets.
Those who repeatedly say no don’t touch.
Those who can’t be bothered keeping
an eye on everything
know they could miss things.

I will stroke her as soon as
she is released from my body.
I will cut bait with a baby gate.

The little ones keep on going
crawling their way to praiseworthy obsession.
Good job. We master the set-up steps for pack ’n’ play.
Those who hang wallpaper plumb-lined perpendicular.
Those who slap it up in time for drinks.
A notch on the belt, a height-mark on the doorframe.
Tap-test the mic and we’re set to go.

Heather Cadsby has been a member of the League of Canadian Poets since 1985. She is the author of four books of poetry. The most recent book is titled Could be (Brick Books, 2009). Her latest thing is a chapbook artifact titled Text Steps.

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