the passing – Catherine McLaughlin

the passing
~ for Jim Adrain

at dawn
the artist dreams he climbs
the mountain takes his breath

memory flash sunlight piercing
aspen limbs star sparkling
lights the snow
swaths of pewter streak
the big sky

waking, gasping
with the climbing struggle
he turns to her he tries to call
to draw her closer

pressure on his chest, pain
waves pounding
it is he who moves
away to mountains

now he stumbles
paint box tips
colours tumble down
the path
red blue yellow
sunsets rivers skies aspen
snow swans swirling
into watercolour vision

illumined rainbows arc
into one colour no colour
he sees only light

borne aloft on white wings
swans trumpet his arrival

Catherine McLaughlin is inspired by the land and by story. She responds with her pen, her camera and especially her heart.  She researched, wrote and performed poetry in the regional stage shows Heart’s Journey and Power of the Land. Read more of her poetry at and

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