Let’s take our teeth out and talk! – Frances Roberts-Reilly

Let’s take our teeth out and talk!

Let’s take out teeth out and talk!
Now the tongue is free
Inhibitions slip easily away
Secrets roam freely
The dark gaps in my mouth fill with wonder

Tell me dear friend –
Is removing our teeth abandoning the last barriers to truth?
Is this the secret to unlocking the wisdom of the body?
We lay bare the dark places where feelings lie untouched by self-deception.

See now.
We’re like ancient women
Gathering the dregs of authenticity
Like winter fuel along the roadside –
Sending smoke signals to
The Wondrous soul laid out against the night sky.

With my teeth out,
I’m an old hag of a woman
Ready for Halloween!
Complete with cackling laugh
Do I offend?

Frances Roberts-Reilly came to Canada in 1977 from England. She began her writing career whilst working at BBC Television. After making award winning documentaries she earned and Honours degree in English from University of Toronto. She has published short stories, poems and articles. Frances makes her home in Guelph, Ontario.

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