GRANDCHILDREN – Nellie P. Strowbridge


Their voices were casual:
Fran’s, Helen’s, Jean’s . . . .
“I’m babysitting grandchildren today.”

I didn’t understand the era they had reached
until the time came for my genes to be mixed with
a new generation’s.

A grandson entered my house on his mother’s feet,
gave me an adorning smile, settled into my arms
while I drew happy faces on his feet
and fat little doughboys on his knees.

The innocence disappeared.
He started to walk,  talk
and put a row of f’s on my computer.
Sentences got thought,
my arm nuzzled,
poems scattered,
balled and sprung into the air,
his laughter following,
as he became a writer’s block
from which is whittled my new identity. Dancing on Ochre Sands

Nellie P. Strowbridge is the author of nine books, including two books of poetry: Shadows of the Heart and Dancing on Ochre Sands. Her latest novel The Ghost of the Southern Cross  will be published in 2014.

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2 Responses to GRANDCHILDREN – Nellie P. Strowbridge

  1. Jean Hiscock says:

    Another great poem Nellie.

  2. Dorhora says:

    Beautiful voice…I can see your grandson so clearly.

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