In the Kitchen – Ellen S. Jaffe


Reading poems in the kitchen
after the poetry reading,
Earl Grey tea, chocolate chip cookies,
the last of the wine –
I read you words I wrote
for someone else, another time and place.
What matters now is this moment,
these friends, this light-filled space

I want to drive with you
into the country, no destination,
           not even a plan
beyond talking together as we ride,
maybe there’s music – Bob Dylan, Billie Holiday –
and changing scenery –
a farmhouse, a lake, a tree
                                lie unspoken
                  between us
                  like blue highways
a touch, unassuming as air
What I’m wanting is less like want-
ing than ever before,
so new we don’t dare give it
a name
as we sit at the kitchen table
eating poems.

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3 Responses to In the Kitchen – Ellen S. Jaffe

  1. This poem is full of joy. And love too. Thank you.

  2. Ellen Jaffe says:

    Thanks, Patricia and Janet, for both your comments. I like “Delicious!” and the poem is a love poem, I think. All the best, Ellen

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